Discover LENA, our new projector LED & price list 2023



Discover LENA,
our new projector LED


Small waterproof IP66 led projector allowing the enhancement of the exterior parts of buildings to create atmospheres or illuminate an alley. This very robust luminaire is manufactured by machining process. Very good light output, anti-glare cap and invisible cable are the main features of the LENA PRO series which combines high efficiency and long life thus emphasizing the quality of light. Luminaire to be adapted on a fixing bracket for rigid fixing to the ground, wall or ceiling, it can also be used with a rod to be inserted into the ground in order to integrate ideally into the garden. It is an ideal solution for many outdoor lighting installations, both in the private and public domain.



New price list 2023

Our new price list is now available.
The new prices will be applicable from
January 1, 2023.

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